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Angelos Patsias ( )

Angelos Patsias got his B.A. from the Department of Primary Education from the Democritus University of Thrace in Alexandroupoli in 2007. He has been working as Primary school teacher in various schools in Crete since 2008. He is the Headmaster of the Primary school of Fourfouras in Rethymno since 2010 ( He aims to apply innovative methods of pupil-centered teaching through a network of cooperations with other schools from Greece and abroad. Within this framework he has undertaken a) the design and coordination of a network of remote mountain schools with the aim to connect different places, people and cultures (, and b) the design and coordination of a network of schools named ‘Schools of Nature and Colors’ which promote the idea of a new school type adjusted to the needs of modern society. This new school will place emphasis not only on the learnability part but also the social and ecological character of the school, democracy and the gamesome nature of the child (  
  • He has participated in the European networks Creative Little Scientists, Open Discovery Space, Primary Science Network.
  • He has created the educational TV program Φουρφουράς.tv with pupils being the leading figures. This TV program is part of the school extroversion, of the support of the pupils’ voice, while its content consists to the presentation of topics related to natural sciences and fine arts in children-friendly ways (
  • He has created the Pupils’
  • Museum of Oral History where personal stories of older local people are preserved.
  • He has introduced educational robotics in class since 2010.
  • He has introduced MIT technologies in class (makey makey, Scratch).
  • He has organized weekly councils according to the Summerhill model.
  • He has adopted the idea of a new org which will help pupils discover their inclinations (
  • He is member of the research team of the Digital Museum of Greek Oral History which aims to accentuate the importance of modern Greek dialects and local history and their use in (language) teaching.
  He has given many invited lectures and he has been honored for his services. The Primary school of Fourfouras has been honored by the President of the Greek Republic Karolos Papoulias.